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Daily Meditation Courses

Get the support you need, without having to take another meditation course ever again.

Courses are for total beginners, with little or no experience, all the way up to advanced levels.
Personal meditation taught by an experienced, (and friendly!) meditation teacher.

Low Income Course: personal instruction with less flexible course times.
*All Courses are available in both German & English

“With individual support, I understood why a professional meditation teacher is so important. I found daily meditation difficult before […] now each new deep experience changes my life perspective.”

– Tobias Feltes, Lead Singer – Suns of Thyme

How Daily Meditation is different

Personalised instruction, for how you meditate.

Everyone meditates in their own way.

With a personal course, each session has no more than five participants.

Your course answers to your individual needs, for your mind, for your lifestyle.

Learn to meditate on your own, anytime, anyplace.

Take a moment to yourself at work,
on the bus,
in a park.
Learn how to take daily meditation with you every time you need it, so you can unplug from technology for a moment and get back to basics.

Gain solid understanding, so you can explain meditation to a sceptic

Meditation is easy to do, but hard to understand.

Learn how meditation makes sense for you, so you can spend more time meditating (and less time researching). 

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All Personal Courses Include …

Full support that lasts a lifetime & doesn’t cost you a thing.
90 Day Guarantee – Improve your daily life or your money back

Introduce daily meditation to an unpredictable modern life

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